Five-year-old Ramses Sanguino examined by doctors after mother claims he is ‘telepathic’

Doing the media rounds is the case of a Five year boy from California named Ramses Sanguino.

Young Ramses has autism and has been described as a “child savant”, because of his ability to speak several different languages and solve complex mathematical equations from an early age.

Videos posted on YouTube by his mother, show Ramses speaking Japanese and  Russian as well as solving complicated algebra problems.Further videos apparently show Ramses reading his mothers mind as he writes down numbers his mother had apparently written  in secret.

This fantastic feat is what caught the attention Dr. Diane Powell a neuroscientist and former faculty member at Harvard Medical School.

Dr Powell, who trained at John Hopkins University, is studying Ramses as part of a radical research project into telepathy.

Powell,the author of The ESP enigma believes that  telepathy may be an alternative medium of communication for autistic children and their parents.She claims that because autistic children are deprived of the option of communication through language their brain somehow rewires itself to use telepathy as an alternative form of communication .

Unbelievable i hear you say well that was my initial reaction too.Young Ramses must have extraordinary memory abilities and / or be being coached by his mother,so i decided to look for more cases of alleged telepathy in autistic children and came up with this article about a young autistic girl from India named Nandana published by the.khaleejtimes.

Nandana was diagnosed as a highly functioning child with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD).

It was very difficult for Nandanas parents to teach her even the concept of some objects,she struggled to even comprehend that a cup was a cup.

Nandanas parents said they noticed the “unusual coincidence” of her reactions to her mother’s thoughts,they soon released that it was more than a mere coincidence.“We don’t know how this is happening. But, she can feel my emotions and read my thoughts,” said Nandana’s mother,

“. Now, if I prompt her to type what I am thinking of, she can do that. Sometimes there could be spelling mistakes and she cannot understand the concept of punctuation marks and the space bar. If I say space in my mind when she types the words, she might start typing the word ‘space’ instead of leaving a space between the words,” said Nadanas mother.

So there is certainly other cases of autistic children showing signs of telepathy but what would be the crucial piece of evidence ,the smoking gun if you would.Well Dr Powell thinks she has it.

In an interview given on the 12 of July 2014 Dr Powell said this.

I have digit sequences that are 18 and 19 numbers long and 100% accuracy. The stats on that are incredible. I even had this one sequence where it’s 162 digits Out of 162 digits there was only 7 mistakes, and when told that is the wrong number this autistic child got it right on the second go.”

If this can be proven then i think it would go some way to substantiate Dr Powells assertions.


Woman ‘spontaneously combusts’ in Germany.

Reports are emerging that a woman who is believed to be from  Mauritius, a volcanic island nation in the Indian Ocean,is fighting for her life after appearing to spontaneously combust as she relaxed on a park bench in in Flensburg ,Germany.

Spontaneous human combustion is a term given to reported cases of the combustion of a living human person without an apparent external source of ignition.

The earliest reported case of Spontaneous human combustion apparently dates back 1662 but the phenomena didn’t garner widespread attention until the the 1800s when writers such as Charles Dickens popularized the concept.

Dickens faced criticism popularizing something that dose not exist by using SHC as a literary device to kill off Mr. Krook, an alcoholic landlord in the novel Bleak House.Dickens responded to this criticism by presenting up to 30 examples of spontaneous combustion throughout history.

We don’t need to delve so far into history to find cases of spontaneous human combustion however.In 1980 Henry Thomas, a 73-year-old man, was found burned to death in the living room of his council house in Wales, His entire body was incinerated, leaving only his skull and a portion of each leg below the knee. The feet and legs were still clothed in socks and trousers. Half of the chair in which he had been sitting was also destroyed.doctorbentley

And more recently in  Ireland,the inquiry into the death of Micheal Fatherty recorded “spontaneous combustion” as the cause. The doctor, Ciaran McLoughlin, made this statement at the inquiry into the death: “This fire was thoroughly investigated and I’m left with the conclusion that this fits into the category of spontaneous human combustion, for which there is no adequate explanation.

Debate rages as to whether or not Spontaneous human combustion even exists.Skeptics insist that the physical possibilities of spontaneous human combustion are remote and argue that human body is mostly water and that besides fat and methane there isn’t much in the human body that would burn easily.They would say that examples of spontaneous human combustion are either cases of accidental ignitions or possibly murder.

Quite a number of explanations have been put forward as to the cause of Spontaneous human combustion ranging from ketosis, possibly caused by alcoholism, produces acetone, which is highly flammable and could therefore lead to apparently spontaneous combustion,to the “wick effect” hypothesis which suggests that a small external flame source, such as a burning cigarette, chars the clothing of the victim at a location, splitting the skin and releasing  fat, which is in turn absorbed into the burned clothing, acting as a wick.

So back to the story being reported in the media.Although the press seem to be reveling in the dramatic headline i think that this is far from a case of spontaneous human combustion.The fact that the incident occurred in a public park is not consistent with other reported cases of spontaneous human combustion and also the authorities are not ruling out attempted suicide.I think that unless any further evidence supporting the spontaneous combustion hypothesis comes to light then this is a case of a tragedy with an attention grabbing headline.